Country Music Singer, Songwriter
and The World's Fastest Yodeller


     JIM WHITMAN has been enjoying great popularity  around

        the World  for many years. He has an impressive 

        list of albums to his credit and is a Prolific songwriter.

      Jim was inspired to take up the guitar when he heard    

        the great songs of Elton Britt, Kenny Roberts, and of course, 

                                             Slim Whitman.

          Jim's voice has a  three octave wide range and an             expressiveness which many singers find  hard to 

        achieve.He also discovered early on, to his delight,

       that he too could yodel.You could say, '' It's in the blood ''

      You don't learn to yodel,it just comes naturally.It then

      has to be groomed,practiced and tailored to perfection.

         Jim certainly has nurtured that sweet, smooth yodel

     over the years and it is a high spot on his live performances.

               Holder of two ''GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS''  

                                   World Yodeling Records

          Many artists through the years have modeled themselves

        on famous Stars of Country Music but Jim is his own man

         and a big talent on his own right. He has established himself

       as a singer, performer,  songwriter  &  Recording Artist

       with an abundance of self determination.

       With a string of successful albums behind him, scores of 

        full houses wherever he appears, JIM WHITMAN has

        certainly earned his place in Country Music history.

       An ever expanding repertoire  of self penned COUNTRY  SONGS

         and a wide range of his own very successful Irish ballads

       are always in demand.